January 22, 2009

New Bike Day

Realizing that I need all the horsepower I can muster for Stupor Bowl, yesterday I finished building up my geared Croll frameset. Digging through my parts in the garage felt very much like that scene in Gleaming The Cube where Christian Slater is building up his board for the final showdown. (I looked for that clip on youtube but couldn't find it, if you locate it send me a link). Here are some pics of the buildup and the final product.
My main man Matt built the wheels which are two cross front, three cross rear drive, two cross non drive, tied and soldered via DT Revolutions. They're sick.
The frame and fork are pure Minneapolis steel. For those that don't know, Croll was a local framebuilder here in Minneapolis that went out of business early this decade, and it just so happens that my little buddy Erik from Peacock Groove cut his teeth there. I have always wanted a frame built by Erik but haven't had the beans to plunk down on a Groove and when the chance to pick this baby up came along, I pounced on it. The tubing is Reynolds 853 and the ride is super smooth! It is perhaps the plushest most comfortable bike I have ever swung a leg over. If this thing fits well, I am planning on selling my BMC frameset, hanging my Campy parts on it and making it my fulltime roadbike.

See you at the starting line.


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