January 14, 2009

New Charge Prototype

Text From Charge's site, frameset pic from Prolly's:

Charge Scissor F+F Prototype
As you may or may not know I have been working with Charge on developing a new frame-set. We started with the Plug and tweaked the geometry to make it more suitable for trick riding.
The front end is extended for more clearance and the head tube angle is steeper.
The seat tube is shorter giving a slope on the top tube and more stand over clearance. The forks are longer and have shorter rake to make bar spins easier, they also have lightweight tapered legs.
This frame has Tange prestige butted top and down tubes so is quite a lot lighter weight than the steel plug.
There are still a couple of small final changes but it looks really good. It will have no break holes and the final colour is not yet determined, though i am quite liking the orange!
Can’t wait to test this frame set out and meet Tom & Tony on the Fixedgearlondon Eurotrip next week!


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