March 13, 2012

On Cyclocross Bikes Cont.


Back this December I did a post on falling in love with my cross bike, and today, I as I ran some errands, I once more got epicly stoked on it.

It hurts my heart quite a bit to admit how much I enjoy it, what with all chorus' of "it's the new fixie!" that it elicits, but hot damn it's good.

The other day Mark said it best (paraphrasing slightly)
For the mixed terrain rides that we have so easy access to in Minneapolis, it's the best.

You either need one of these or a fat tire road bike, on that topic...

It's no wonder that this town has always had such a boner for the Bridgestone line, and it's no wonder that the Surly guys continued the fat tire tradition on a road bike all those years ago (or that All-City followed in those footsteps).

For around Minneapolis, being able to run a 32c tire opens up so many possibilities.


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Anonymous said...

Love my NB.. favorite all around bike in my stable.. keeping the 32's on all summer for all terrain adventures