March 1, 2012

Angry Catfish 2 Year Anniversary / Pembo Benefit - Saturday


So earlier this week I posted about Pembo's trip to the emergency room, and included a line about wanting to host a benefit for him in the future.

Immediately Josh from Angry Catfish contacted to let us know that he was donating all the proceeds from the keg at his Another Year Angry 2 year anniversary celebration this Saturday.

Josh, myself, and maybe D.O. will be spinning a few sets from 5-?, so make sure you stop down and drink a few for the little guy.

Not only that, but today I was contacted by an artist who said that she wanted to donate all of the proceeds from a limited edition print she was selling to Pembo. Pretty amazing.

And, today Josh was informed of the existence of these

Though as of press time, we have no idea who made them.

Sometimes it's a pretty amazing place with some pretty amazing people around here.




Anonymous said...

How is the pup doing?