April 2, 2009

Stupor Bowl I

Yesterday I spotted this Stupor Bowl I spokecard on the fixie of none other than the Godfather of MTB single speeding, Pete Geigle.
Look it up, it's a fact. This guy was riding a singlespeed in the u-brake era and was throwing guerilla singlespeed race series while the rest of the world was super pumped on 3-D Violet Ringle cages.

The interesting thing about the spoke card is that it actually says Stupor Bowl 1 on it. Who does that? I mean I get that it would say Stupor Bowl 2 on the second one, but it's a bold bit of hubris to put Stupor Bowl 1 on the first one. Well, hubris or vision. I guess. Apparently they knew from the beginning that the Stupor Bowl would become an institution.
This is the only paraphanalia from the first Stupor that I have ever seen

and in case you were wondering
here are some pics of Geigle in
prime form
I don't mean to gush or anything, but this is the kind of dude I hope to grow up to be. Guy works hard and his bicycle exploits are known and respected by all. He's an ageless stone cold ripper.

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