April 17, 2009

Legit Bike Polo

Some of you may know this man as Swan!!!

His name is Gus and he runs Legit Bike Poloand he came out of nowhere one year at All-City to win something (trackstands?) anyway, right away B.Ridge spotted the physical similarities between Gus and Swan of The Warriors fame. And from then on we took great delight is shouting SWANNNNNN!!!! into the wee hours of the morning. Perhaps you don't see it, it was a few years ago. Anyway to the rest of the world he's Gus but to us who were there that night and drunk. He shall forever be known as Swan.

here's his video on how to make polo mallets

here' his video on how to make wheel covers

1 comment:

SWAAAAN/gus said...

still have the white bikejerks t-shirt with the jackalope on it that you gave to me under the bridge at All City... love that shirt.

get out and polo!