September 8, 2009

New Interior for the Vanagon

This weekend I made a run up north to Rhinelander Wis. to have my father install the table and bench he made for my beloved '86 Volkswagon Vanagon (aka. the Carmel Starship.)

When I purchased the van earlier this year, I had two options given my budget: buy a camper that was shaky mechanically, or buy a non camper that ran well. I chose the non camper, and immediately started pestering my father to hook up a table and a bench with storage space underneath.

this is what he came up with. (we also laid down some tile floor, for utility sake)
booth 011

booth 009

I'm super pumped to have the interior done in time for fall mountain bike trips!

thanks dad

Also while I was home my nephews were getting some air off of a sweet jump and since everybody loves pictures of kids, here ya go

booth 001

booth 006

booth 002
booth 005

it's in the blood

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scissorneck said...

the van is looking good... nice reminds me of when I went to high school in a blue van like that... First car I learned stick shift in...