November 2, 2008

Track or Treat thanks

A big thank you to everyone who came out for Track or Treat, I had a ton of fun and I hope that you did too. We had forty or so racers, and Eric and Alicia came out on top in the Alleycat. I myself was super excited to be able to hand Alicia the winners prize: here's to many more victories to come. The custom Trash Bag went to Eric as the overall winner, thanks again Andy for making such a great prize. (If you need a bag, get a of hold him, buy local)
Traffic was thick and everyone made it back safely, although I hear the guy who went down in the sprints is suffering some memory loss, even so he made his next start for the championship dash where Trevor once more handed everyone their ass.
Will no one come forward to vanquish the Robeast known as Trevor Crayton?

Also of note, the Trick contest was so much better than I expected and kids were nailing their tricks. nice work Carney and Vinnie.
see you next year

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