November 6, 2008

More Track or Treat

Pics of the winner and his prize.Big thanks again to Andy from Minneapolis' newest messenger bag company: Trash Bags. I'll keep saying it until I die, support local business. and more importantly support people from your local scene when they try to make a contribution to the culture. I realize that is a bit self serving, but it's a very simple and very honest truth. If you support them you are helping to ensure that they will continue to exist and enrich Minneapolis. And this extends way past bags, hats (Holly over Grovecraft is the shit), and t-shirts.
Support your local frame builder, we have many who heavily support this community. Capricorn (Brad I owe you a debt greater than I will ever be able to repay, I love my Capricorn and cherish it) has given a frame away to All City two years in a row, have you ever even heard of an alleycat race outside Minneapolis that has a custom frame to be built for the winner. Fuck no you haven't. And because of his generosity Erik from Peacock Groove donated a frameset to Babes in Bikeland. Have you ever even seen a Peacock Groove. Erik is one of the most innovative frame builders working in this country, last year he built a bike that had an integrated bottom bracket and shell for a Campy ultra torque crankset. Last year. Do you have any idea how sick that it is. His skills with a torch are second to none and he is the only local tig welding custom builder that I know of in the area. We also have Joel over at Clockwork building very nice bikes, check the earlier post about Trevor's track bike for proof of that.
The point is, these people actually give a shit about you, give a shit about the races, give a shit about the community. Support local artisans, because it would be a shitty place without them. Sorry about the preaching, but these guys need your support to continue to do what they love. Buy a bike, a hat, a bag or something from them. don't be a dick

And here's some footy from the Best Trick contest, which was way better and more fun than I thought it could be. Dudes were landing some rad shit.

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