October 19, 2008

Tricks and Drinks on Tuesday

Sorry I missed last week, but this week's gonna be awesome, but I got a new plan if anyone wants to join.

I will be at the spot at 9 o'clock and will ride until 11 or so then make for Two fer Ones at the Triple Rock. This way it'll be easier for me to fall asleep at a reasonable hour, because I'll be loaded.

Making T and D more social and less late. neat. see you there. or not.

Also if it happens that we have a small crew I'd like to go out and ride the city.
I've kind of been down on doing tricks lately (slow progression, always going out and trying the same old shit), and I'm attributing that to the fact that I only ride once a week and it's always at the same spot. Last Thursday I went out and rode a bunch of spots downtown and am once again super excited to ride. If not many people show up, let's hit the town.

Also I've been meaning to go skidding and work on some skid variations but I never seem to make it out. So sometime in the coming few weeks I plan on organizing a little skid session to go out and hit hills and learn some new shit. I'll keep you posted in case you have ever wanted to learn to skid or learn some new skid tricks.

In fact I've been meaning to throw a "skid clinic" some night at T n D to try to get more people comfortable with the skid (trackstanding's ugly brother in terms of it's necessity in any fixed riders repertoire) and to get a chance to teach people any new skids that they may be wanting to try. Specifically I'd like to get more ladies into it, Anyway I'm hoping to do that before it gets too cold, but if you have any inclination to come down and ride and want to learn to skid, just ask and i'll be happy to show you anything that you want to learn.

I'm really excited about the burgeoning freestyle scene emerging here in Minneapolis, there were a whole bunch of dudes I've never seen before at Vinnie's contest and there were some really good tricks being landed. If any of you out there have any desire to come out and ride, please do so. I would love to see more people coming out and having fun on their stupid bike. And being part of a larger community helps your skills to develop so much quicker as you're able to learn and take ideas from each other.

And because everyone hates blogposts without any photos, here is a video that features the road under the stone arch that is fucking awesome for skidding. And yes I know the tricks in this video are getting dated quickly, but don't worry we'll have a whole new bag of tricks up our sleeves when we begin filming again in month or so. I am also hoping to have a full crew video this time with Vinnie and his boys throwing down and representing as well.

Bike Jerks All-City Championship from BikeJerks on Vimeo.

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