October 5, 2008

Track or Treat hype

Sorry that I've been slacking a bit with the Track or Treat updates.

Expect some new metal flyers out soon.

and Handspun wheels and Twin Six have come on as sponsors

I have added another event, the miss and out (see previous post about miss and out), to the end of the program; which means that we have a very full schedule: the pentagram, match sprints, trackstand, miss and out, and costume contest. Because of the late hour and the number of events expect the alleycat to be the shortest and likely most fun alleycat races I have ever thrown. (with the All City Chamionship race this year, and racing a bit this summer and really enjoying shorter non repetitive (back and forth across the same ground) alleycats I now just want to throw the most fun and enjoyable races I can. Expect a short course and spectator friendly route and lots of nice traffic action. The best prizes at Track or Treat will go to the costume winners. You better show up with a costume.

see you soon!


benjovland said...

Awesome. Will the trackstand comp be like all city? what's the order again?

Bike Jerks said...

It won't be like All City, expect a much longer contest and different calls, which I'm not revealing at this time, but it will be simpler and more fun.