September 1, 2008

New Shirt

This is a new old design, It was originally designed by B.ridget in 2005 as a GMS design but was recently reworked for Bike Jerks. Inspired by the realities of life together somedays, and with a graphic taken from 1960's romance comics, these will be limited edition and I'll stop making them in a few months.

If you'd like one let me know. I currently am sitting on a ton of colored shirts and I'd be happy to make one for you.
Also I will be at Tricks and drinks tomorrow with a stash of merchandise; I have colored shirts with old and new logos, Grovecraft hats, and traditional Bike Jerks hats. So stop by TnD and let's do business.

1 comment:

Jesus Manuel Molina said...

Is this shirt still available?