September 21, 2008

Fuck You Bike Thieves

Bike Jerks Family member Beth had a very serious crash, caused by what we believe was some asshole bike thief (or some random fucker) loosening her front quick release to try and take the wheel. Her wheel came off while going down hill, although the actual events of the accident are unknown as she is suffering a loss of memory. Big thanks to whomever it was helped her out on the Greenway, and a huge fuck you to anyone who dares mess with the safety of someone's bicycle. Had she not been wearing her helmet at the time (which broke in the impact and not her noggin) there is a very real possibility that she could have been killed.

Beth's got a great attitude about the whole thing and we are all wishing her a speedy recovery before Babes in Bikeland.

1 comment:

vcmc said...

in other news, always check your quick releases and/or track nuts.

as if cars and the federal reserve chairman weren't enough to deal with. fuuck.