August 19, 2008

Peacock Groove and Babes in Bikeland

Erik Noren (he's like the jerky brother I never wanted) framebuilder extraordinaire has graciously agreed to provide Babes in Bikeland, an all girl alleycat coming up on September 27th (details at with a custom Peacock Groove frameset to give away.

Erik honed his skills at the local legend Croll, before opening up Peacock Groove five years ago. He builds some of the sickest, most creative bikes anywhere and is renowned for his full custom work. Anything goes at PG.

The race will likely be the largest all female alleycat in the country and now has a top prize that will undoubtedly draw racers from all over.

Check out this picture of Mr. CutiePants and know that he will be ready.
Bow down to the Groove!

Props to Erik, for supporting Minneapolis' bicycle culture. I hope you all out there think about where you're bike comes from and decided to buy from local craftsman, especially the ones who constantly support the community: namely Peacock Groove and my man Brad at Capricorn.
They actually care about you.

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b.ridge said...

he sure knows how to work the camera