August 15, 2008

Galactic Mystery Solvers...

Digging through some old files I unearthed some Galactic Mystery Solvers... designs that B.Ridget did in 2005 at the very beginning of this rollercoaster known as Bike Jerks. Galactic Mystery Solvers..., or GMS, was the name of my first little company. The name was taken from the episode of the Simpsons where Springfield hires Frank Gehry to build an operahouse, which later becomes a prison. Homer is a prison snitch and in the shower he spies a "GMS" tattoo on Drederick Tatum. According to Drederick "Galacatic Myster Solvers, my childhood gang. The only mystery we couldn't solve was how not to grow up."
I thought the name GMS would be the perfect name for a bike shop, a bike brand or just about anything. I still do and sometimes dream of opening my own shop under that banner. I later felt though that ripping off the Simpsons wasn't the best way to name my company and that I would be much better off with an original name which turned out to be BikeJerks, which like many dumb ideas came from a bad in joke at the bike shop I was working in at the time.

So anyway I was digging through these old files and have decided to revamp a few of them for release as limited edition shirts which will be available soon. These shirts will not say GMS on them but rather will carry the Bike Jerks marque. I do plan on reviving the GMS marque one of these days, as my garage business, matt's wheel business, or maybe a bike gang. we'll see.

here's an example of one of B.Ridges' design that we are not bringing back, but that I still love for it's ridiculousness.

Viva GMS!!

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